METHEDRAS: in studio per il nuovo album e cambio di batterista

METHEDRAS: in studio per il nuovo album e cambio di batterista La death metal band Methedras è attualmente in studio per la scrittura del nuovo album, che sarà registrato e prodotto ai Fredman Studio in Svezia. Nel frattempo la band annuncia anche l'uscita dalla formazione del batterista Daniele Gotti, rimpiazzato da Edo Sala. A proposito del nuovo album e del cambio di line-up il gruppo spiega: "Hell-o maniacs! It's been a bunch of time without any lines from us, we know it, but the past months we worked hard in order to create ten brand new songs which will be recorded and produced this summer at the super renowed Studio Fredman! And as it weren't enough, we joined forces even with other couple of great and skilled pro studios for sound design and orchestration: JKON audio and MIDAS Productions respectively! Last but not least, Daniele Gotti BuBu decided to leave the band for personal issues and we'll be forever grateful for his long time efforts in order to deliver always the best behind the drums, you got it dude, thanks for your 14-years top-of-the-top service so instead of him, drums will be recorded & played live (hopefully as soon as possible) by one of the Italian greatest drummer and big friend of us Mr. Edo Sala! Stay tuned!".


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