UNDER METAL FLAG FESTIVAL: in arrivo una valanga di heavy metal

UNDER METAL FLAG FESTIVAL: in arrivo una valanga di heavy metal Under Metal Flag FESTIVAL! In arrivo una valanga di heavy metal e derivati per una scarica di potenza a volumi estremi! Andrea Varuzza e Krach Club presentano 5 top band fra le migliori della scena, on stage:
> KARMIAN - Melodic Death Metal Modena
> KRYPTONOMICON - Death/Black Monfalcone
> SONUM - Experimetal Death Metal Vicenza
> MERCILESS ATTACK - Thrash Venezia
> INNERLOAD - Heavy Metal Venezia
>> A seguire dj set by Saint Kate fino al mattino! Evento imperdibile!
Apertura porte ore 19
- cucina sempre aperta. base di hamburgers (anche vegetariani)
snack, fritti
- beer & cocktails bar
- lounge area-
- smoking room
- posti a sedere sala riscaldata
Contributo artisti: . 10
About bands:
The band was born in 2005 under the name of "When the Storm Broke".The first songs are written,but many line-up changes make the band split up in 2009, after a demo. In 2011 the founding members (Barra, Leone and Badiali) asked Andrea Bertolazzi, former Bad To The Bone Singer, to join the band. The four restart the project under the Karmian monicker, the sound became pure swedish death metal. After some gigs in northern Italy, in 2012 the project is completed with the bassman Andrea Sirignano. Karmian recorded at ZetaFactory Studio, aided by Dysfunction Production, the EP Ways of Death, available worldwide the 9th of July 2012. 2013 was a year of gigs around Italy and Sirignano left the band. Gabriele Gabrieli became the new bassman and then left on early 2018, replaced by Claudio Nasi. After a European Tour and continuous live performing, now Karmian released their first full-length Surgere et Cadere, available worldwide on all digital platforms and physically from 10 september 2018. After pandemic forced stop, Nasi and Leone left the band, replaced by Luca Marmi (Unbirth, Out for Summer) and Michele Perla. The band restarded live performances and was main supporting act to Venom.inc during Blood Stained Italian Assault Tour. "Live at Slaughter Club", recorded during this tour on 1st October 2022, was digitally released worldwide th 30th of November 2022.
Andrea Bertolazzi - Vocals
Andrea Baraldi - Lead Guitar
Michele Perla - Guitar
Nicholas Badiali - Drums
Luca Marmi - Bass
Kryptonomicon is an old school death/black metal band! Our sound is inspired by Celtic Frost and Hellhammer!
A mix of Death Metal, orchestrations and interludes up to exploring new dimensions of the extreme universe: complex and sharp compositions, assembled to drag the listener into an infinite oblivion. For fans of Nero di Marte, Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega, Gorguts, Execration...
Listen to now > https://sonum.bandcamp.com/

Krach Club
Via Madonna 3/A
31050 Monastier (TV)
Club Privato ASI
- ingresso riservato ai soci


Inserita da: Jerico il 16.03.2023 - Letture: 530

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