JUNE 1974: il video trailer di ''Please Destroy Me''

JUNE 1974: il video trailer di ''Please Destroy Me'' June 1974 pubblica il video trailer di "Please Destroy Me", album in uscita il 3 Gennaio 2023 via Visionaire Records.

"The World Destroyer" feat. Rick Rozz (Death)
"Incognito" feat. Steve Smyth (Forbidden/Testament/Nevermore)
"Abstract" feat. Daniel White (Mordred)
"Omero" feat. Tommy Talamanca (Sadist)
"Rhapsody" feat. Dave Young (The Devin Townsend Project)
"Valhalla" feat. Lust Kilman (God Seed/Gaahls Wyrd)
"Mind Assassin's Eyes" feat. Francesco Montesanti (Antropofagus)
"Epitaph" feat. Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation)
"Theorema" feat. Bobby Koelble (Death)
"Wanderlust" feat. Christian Vidal (Therion)
"Stargazer" feat. Patrick Mameli (Pestilence)
"The Claw Of The Iron Mask" feat. Richard Shaw (Cradle Of Filth).


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