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17-04 :: SEX ON THE BITCHES: secondo singolo estratto dal nuovo album
17-04 :: RHYME: le prime date del Summer Tour
17-04 :: OBEDIENCE TO DICTATOR: il primo video ufficiale
17-04 :: WALTER CATANIA: nuovo sito internet
17-04 :: GHOST BOOSTER: uscito il debut album "Freaks"
17-04 :: PULVIS ET UMBRA: il lyric-video ufficiale di "Implosion Of Pain"
17-04 :: ARRJAM: album in arrivo e singolo online
17-04 :: SUPERHORRORFUCK: date last minute con gli Shameless e prossimi appuntamenti live
16-04 :: ITALIC PAGAN FEST: in arrivo la prima edizione
16-04 :: DARIO 'KAPPA' CAPPANERA: l'inedito "Older the bull, harder the horn" da oggi in free download
16-04 :: COLLATERAL DAMAGE: nel bill della prima giornata del Total Metal Festival 2014
16-04 :: SILVER ADDICTION: support band dei Reckless Love in Italia
16-04 :: MAINPAIN: release party e nuovo video clip on-line
15-04 :: SIXTY MILES AHEAD: nuove date in programma
15-04 :: IRREVERENCE: video report dallo studio
15-04 :: DEFINE: nuovo videoclip
15-04 :: FOREVER ENDED YESTERDAY: annunciata la nuova line-up
15-04 :: MATERDEA: nuovo singolo online
15-04 :: RUN TO THE HILLS FESTIVAL II: i dettagli del fest marchigiano
15-04 :: RAVENSCRY: esce il 27 maggio il nuovo "The Attraction of Opposites"
15-04 :: COLLOQUIO: la ristampa di "Io e L'Altro"
15-04 :: HANDFUL OF DUST: annunciata la nuova line-up
14-04 :: NEODEA: video-intervista da METALWAVE ON-AIR del 13-04-2014
14-04 :: THE DOOMSAYER: aggiunta alla line up e conferma all’Underwall Festival
14-04 :: GRAY: presenta il nuovo "Sessantanoveincerchio"
14-04 :: ACCIAIO ITALIANO FESTIVAL 4: torna il festival dedicato alle migliori realta' underground HM italiane
14-04 :: THE SUNBURST: firmano per RED CAT RECORDS
14-04 :: ANCIENT BARDS: online il nuovo video
14-04 :: A TOTAL WALL: nuovo EP in free download

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  • 18.04.2014 :: Mad Maze + Karmian @ "Borderline", Modena (MO)
  • 18.04.2014 :: Shameless + guest @ "Jailbreak Live", Roma (RM)
  • 18.04.2014 :: Bothers @ "Circolo ARCI A. Bezzicheri", Montecchio (PU)
  • 18.04.2014 :: UMA FEST 2014: Poemisia + Red Sky + Obey To Elegies + Venomind @ "George Best Music & Football", Napoli (NA)
  • 19.04.2014 :: Lou Quinse + Ulvedharr + Gotland + Vallorch + ODR + Misteyes @ “White Lion Pub”, Leini' (TO)
  • 19.04.2014 :: Rats @ "Live Keller", Curno (BG)
  • 19.04.2014 :: Shameless + guest @ "Grindhouse", Padova (PD)
  • 19.04.2014 :: Vader + Bunker 66 + Tales Of Deliria + Cameraobscuratwo + Carved + Resonance Room + Mystica Nox @ "Black Out", Modica (RG)

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Torino [Italia]
Andy: vocals
Sted: Guitars & brain
Mr.Triton: Keyboards
Dani: bass
Luca T-1000: Drums
Sito Web:
E M@il  
Highlord started in 1996 with the monicker Avatar under which they recorded a demo- tape that granted them the opportunity to get in touch with Northwind Records. New singer Vascè joined and in 1998, fnally completing the line-up, the band recorded and released its first full-lenght: “Heir of Power”. Two years later “When the Aurora Falls...”, followed and improved what begun with the first album. The album was recorded at NewSin Studios and thanks to its great producti
on, the following enthusiastic specialized press answer allowed Highlord to take their place in the Italian and international scene. In 2002 Highlord took part in: “Revenge – The Triumph of... Tribute to Manowar”, published by: Steelborn Records, with the track: “Thor the powerhead” from: “Sign of the Hammer”.

The same year Vascè left the band, looking for new musical experiences and Andrea Marchisio replaced him. In May 2002 Highlord recorded: “Breath of Eternity”. The album has been released in Japan by: Sound Holic with the bonus track: “Pegasus Fantasy” cover of japanese band Make-up and famous opening theme for the anime: “Saint Seiya”.

European release followed in October 2002. In December 2002 Arise Records published the second part of Helloween tribute: “Keepers of Jericho” and Highlord took part with the song: “Power” from: “The Time of the Oath”. In January 2004 the band recorded at NewSin St. its fourth album: “Medusa's Coil” released at frst in Japan and then Europe, Russia and Taiwan by: Arise Records/Sound Holic ltd.

In November 2005 Highlord recorded “Instant Madness” at Elnor Studios (Labyrinth, “Freeman”).

The album has been released in Japan by Sound Holic with the bonus track “Cha-la head cha-la” opening theme of the anime Dragon Ball Z. In June 2009 the band changed line-up again and recorded “The Death of the Artists” with the lack of its keyboard player Alex. The album received a great consent and moved Highlord musical style towards more hard and old school metal grounds. The album has been released in Europe and Japan by: Scarlet Records/Rubicon. Japanese version featured Billy Idol's “Rebel yell” cover song and “Zankokuna tenshi noteeze” opening track from Anime: Evangelion as bonus tracks.

In June 2012 the band recorded its seventh album: “The Warning After” which boasts the participation of Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) on the track “Arcade Warriors” and a beautiful cover artwork by: Felipe Machado. (rhapsody of fire, vanden plas, blind guardian, van canto)

The album will be released by: “Punishment 18 Records.” within march 2013.

Highlord in MW

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